Who is this God who wants us to rise up?

We constantly hear about God’s greatness in the Bible. Yet He desires to be united with us, one with Him. He wants to help us up when we fall. He wants to be our strength when we are weak. He wants to be with us right in the midst of our trouble. Who is this God who desires to heal us and to raise us up like this? Who is this God who wants to share His very being with us and to make us His children? This can only be a God of Love…

Letting God raise you up!

How can God transfigure and heal us if we don’t open our hearts to Him first? We must admit that we need Him. We must allow Him to cast His loving gaze upon us, just as we are. This is our chance to rediscover our dignity as the children of God!


Standing strong in your faith and in your life

This is the ultimate challenge to our lives. Our lives may come with their own suffering, but our lives can also bring us true happiness. One thing is certain. We have a Rock upon whom to stand, and He is the One who will give us the strength to remain standing!


Raising up those around us, just as Jesus

“As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” We might add also that “as I have raised you up, so you must raise up one another”. We raise up our brothers and sisters by showing them their dignity, their value and their beauty. We raise them up by supporting them in the middle of their many difficulties. God sends us to be His presence in the world. Let us then dare to be the arms, the eyes and the heart of God for all those we meet!