Youth Summit…In Sherbrooke!

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Youth Summit…In Sherbrooke!

At the closing Mass of our last Youth Summit, which took place in May 2014 at the cathedral of Quebec City, Gérald C. Cardinal LaCroix enthusiastically announced our next host: the Archdiocese of Sherbrooke! This significant event involves complex organisation and so even a year before its opening day a team was already in place to get things going (and with great joy)!


What is Youth Summit?

Originally launched by the archdiocese of Quebec City Youth Summit aimed to prepare young adults for the International Eucharistic Congress in 2008. This event made it clear that youth needed a place to renew their faith and gather with their peers. Over the years, as the number of participants has grown, it was decided that these are rich encounters which allow youth to personally experience the Living God. They are now form part of today’s Church in Quebec. Youth Summit brings together young adults aged 18 to 35 from various regions and provinces across Canada. This weekend event is a mini-Canadian version of World Youth Days. An experience not to be missed!


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What Youth?

“There are no youth in our churches.” “The faith is dying in Quebec.” “There’s no one to take over.” These are common refrains in our parishes. Although youth form a minority in our churches, I can assure you that they are still present in the Church! Events like Youth Summit are a chance for them to renew their faith and rekindle the flame within. There they see that they are not alone, that their faith is meaningful, and that it’s possible to live out one’s faith in a modern way. It’s also an opportunity to reach out to youth who are seeking something more, by showing them a Church that is welcoming and renewed, dynamic and on the footsteps of missionary apostles, close to people. Far from being a closed event, cut off from the world, Youth Summit compels us to venture out of our comfort zone, to awake from our spiritual slumber, to let ourselves be set ablaze from the inside so that we may shine bright on the outside.



Hope-Filled Theme

Each Youth Summit is based on a particular theme, one that can challenge its participants and be meaningful to them. We are pleased to unveil the theme of the upcoming Youth Summit, which is Rise!” That’s it. Rise! We need to be able not only to rise up and remain standing in our faith, but also to let ourselves be raised up by God. It is He who calls us to rise and awake from our slumber. We are called to a life of Resurrection, called to be a pilgrim people, carrying hope to today’s world.

Several youth events and activities are already being planned in preparation for this gathering. A survey is under way in order to gauge the spiritual needs of today’s youth across Quebec. A Student Jubilee and a beginning-of-the-year Mass are also planned for this September.

For more information about these events or the 2017 Youth Summit, please contact us via the diocesan Youth Ministry Facebook page or our website:

Have the courage to invite youth, whether or not they are believers, to dive into this experience… Come on, RISE!