Archbishop Luc Cyr +

Originally from Saint-Jérôme, Bishop Luc Cyr was ordained a priest in 1980. He mentored future priests and served as Pastoral Director and Vicar General until his ordination as Bishop of Valleyfield in 2001. After ten years in that position, he was named Archbishop of Sherbrooke. We are thrilled to have our Archbishop join us for this event. In him, you will discover a welcoming man of God with the heart of a pastor!



Christian Beaulieu


A member of the Pius X Secular Institute, Christian Beaulieu was ordained a priest in 1968. His experience and enthusiasm make him an extraordinary preacher. Throughout his ministry, he was close to youth, couples in difficulty and those on the outskirts of society. In 1985, he founded ‘Le Pharillon‘, a home for youth with drug, alcohol and sex addictions.  He continues to be moved by a fire that burns from within, revealing the beauty and the value of each human being, created for nothing less than infinite love!


Hélène Brassard

A wife and mother of three, Hélène has been working in evangelization for over twenty years. The author of two volumes, Le bris de l’innocence (Broken Innocence) and Merveille que je suis (I Am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made), she speaks about her recovery from childhood wounds and her path to healing. For over ten years, she has been giving talks in high schools and at conferences. Her story has profound suffering, but lets us catch a glimpse of Life’s victory over death and how God’s love remains present even in the worst of troubles. Today, she serves as member of the Canadian Council of the Charismatic Renewal. She continues to lead, teach and witness to her faith in Canada and abroad.


Hélène Brassard 1

François Bergeron, chalk artist

Francois Bergeron 1

François Bergeron, a chalk artist and Quebec storyteller, comes from Estrie and is a father of five. Since 1998, he has performed over 1600 times. He uses chalk art in a unique way by combining music, light effects and his storytelling talent. Inspired by the stories of the Gospel, François seeks to make them more accessible by offering a high quality art show to his audiences. One thing is for sure: his work will surprise and amaze you! This is one show you won’t want to miss!


Francis Mckee

Father Francis McKee is a diocesan priest working in the diocese of Montreal for thirty years. He has been the student chaplain at the Newman Centre on the campus of McGill University for ten years. He served as hospital chaplain among patients in palliative care and was also chaplain to youth attending the Visions camps, held each summer in Kinkora. Currently pastor of the parish Lumière du monde in Pierrefonds, Father McKee has always had a special connection with young people. His conferences combine the spiritual life with the art of dance. He is an outstanding speaker and event leader. He is fired up to share the love of God in a way that is current, practical and original.




... and more to come!